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Wood fence remains the most popular fencing material in the country. Cedar and pressure-treated pine are two of the most common woods used in Dallas local fence construction. Their resilience to the elements makes these woods a fine choice for Dallas area homes. Wood fences can be cost effective and highly customizable. However our chilly winter weather, heavy spring rains coupled with our summer sweltering heat ultimately will take a toll on any type of wood fence installed. Choosing a higher end wood and performing suggested maintenance will increase the lifespan of your wood fence.

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The dual advantages of openness yet security make iron fencing a favorite choice around homes, gardens and pools. The black color of the fencing as well as its scrolled, ornate designs make it serve as a striking frame against flowers and greenery in a garden setting. It also tends to contrast well with swimming pool and deck colors, and gates with locks added to iron fences help keep pools safe and yards secure. The low-maintenance properties of an iron fence are another popular advantage. To deter would-be trespassers or burglars, an iron fence can feature pointed spear top finials. The fence panel design makes it difficult material for climbing and appears deceptively fragile. Yet it is extremely strong, secure material.

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