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Houses built today are held to very strict energy efficiency standards. Unfortunately, this was not alwasy the case with many older homes. This makes proper insulation one of the mose effective things that can be done wto make a home more comfortable through the year, and your home will be more efficient.  

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NO GAPS OR VOIDS - This is the principle advantage of blown-in insulation. As opposed to laying batt's in the attic, the use of blown-in insulation allows the product to fill the area completely and envelope any corners, beams, wires, pipes, cables, or framing voids. It helps to create a true insulated building envelope. A well-insulated building will help to reduce outside noises, keep the coolness in, keep the the heat out, and is a critical element to whole house performance.

TREATED MATERIAL / FIRE DETERRENT - Blown-in insulation is normally treated with borate, a fire retardant that additionally acts as an insect repellent. This reduces the amount of bugs living in your attic's insulation while protecting your home in the event of a fire. In addition, with the proper use of foam sealing, blown-in insulation will reduce the amount of airflow through your attic. This is because blown-in insulation does not leave room for air to travel freely. This feature is an additional fire deterrent since fires need air and a sealed cavity with no airflow would suffocate any fire. It is impossible to completely prevent these voids and gaps when you are using batted insulation.

EASE OF INSTALLATION - The installation of blown-in insulation is easier than the installation of other forms of insulation and thus there is less of a chance of something going wrong. The installers at Carolina Energy Conservation are extremely proficient in the installation of blown-in insulation. Typically one of our installers will man the hose, filling the cavities, while another installer will follow behind with a pair of shears, shaving the excess material flush with the studs. Our crew cleans up and puts the remaining blown-in insulation material back into the truck for reuse.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - one of the most important features of blown-in insulation is that the insulation is composed almost entirely from recycled newspapers, books, and glass. This allows us to re-insulate your home and make it more comfortable in a way that is friendly to our environment.

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